I swear, this is total crack. I don't even know.

Title: Touch-a touch-a touch me...
Spoilers: Season 5? Idek man.
Characters/Pairings: Gabriel/Lucifer, sliiight Castiel/Balthazar?
Genre: I have no idea.
Rating: NC-17? I think so..?
Authors Notes: CRACK!FIC. Seriously man, I put on the song and this is all I get every time. It's weird. -FLAILS- WHYBRAINWHY?!

Collapse )

Well hello there!

S'up guys? Scarab 'ere, and I wanted to say hey, so hey XD I'm new to  LJ so excuse my newbie-ness until I settle with using this site.

I have a 'verse that I'll be uploading chapter by chapter, and might post my random poetry, but the story is Supernatural, since I just LOVE it so much ♥

Well, that's all for now, keep well guys!
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